You’re invited to an exclusive tour of three acclaimed Phoenix galleries. (Review full announcement here.)

On January 18th, Artlink’s Collectors Tour program is kicking off the new year robustly with Robrt Pela, a fascinating cultural polymath, guiding you to three galleries for intimate conversations with the curators and artists.

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Bentley Gallery has now consolidated into its downtown Phoenix location. John Reyes will take you through that process and explain the literally manifold beauty of the current show, “Mark Pomilio / Jeremy Thomas” along with remarks from artist Mark Pomilio.

monOrchid Gallery’s new curator, Justin Germain, has created quite a buzz in his first few exhibits. He and two artists will be on hand to share their insights with you: photographer Linda Ingraham’s unique project “Off the Beaten Path: A Departure From The Norm” and Matt Dougan’s personal retrospective “As the Crow Flies.”

Willo North Gallery presents “Youth: New Work by Bob Adams,” his first solo show in 20 years, with Bob explaining what inspired him to re-enter this world.

Refreshments will be served. Just park your car at Phoenix Art Museum and join us for three interesting hours exploring the best of contemporary art.

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