In partnership with The City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Artlink invites artists to view this series of workshops designed to support an artist’s career.

Take the next step in your artist career by learning best practices from experienced professionals in their respective fields. Artists of all levels of experience can enjoy.

“Photograph Your Art” from September 10, 2023 WATCH HERE

Led by professional photographer, Nader Abushhab, demonstrating basic photography techniques on capturing work in the most effective and easiest way. This course welcomes all levels of expertise no matter how big or small. Learn best tips and practices for capturing your work in a professional manner.

“Submit Your Work” from March 14, 2023 WATCH HERE

The second is a workshop that provides insights and tips on submitting your work to open calls as well as commercial businesses. The conversation will include Carrie Brown, Deputy Director of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture; Chad Campbell, co-owner of For The People/dialog; and Catrina Kahler, President & CEO of Artlink Inc.

“Prepare Your Work” from March 21, 2023 WATCH HERE

The third workshop provides insights and tips on preparing your work for exhibition. The conversation will include Laura Spalding Best, Senior Director of Exhibits for Desert Botanical Garden, and Robert Gentile, Curatorial Programs Manager for Artlink Inc.

“Promote Your Work” – from August 22, 2023 WATCH HERE

The fourth workshop will provide insights and tips on promoting your work. Artists will learn tips, strategies and approaches for how to impactfully and artfully promote themselves on social media and connect with audiences.