Juried Exhibition

Artlink Presents the 21st Annual Juried Exhibition at FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel

Announcing the artists who have been selected for the 21st Annual Artlink Juried Exhibition! Thanks to our partner host venue FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel, a record-breaking 85 artists from throughout Arizona will be exhibiting in this multi-media showcase of exceptional works as selected by a dedicated panel of jurors: Julie Akerly, Dancer/Choreographer and Co-Founder of nueBOX; Antoinette Cauley, Artist (Juried first prize winner in 2019); Tiffany Fairall, Chief Curator of Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Rafael Navarro, Artist; Mark Pomilio, Artist and Professor of Painting and Drawing at ASU.

Congratulations to the exhibiting artists: Mia B. Adams, Amanda Adkins, Michael Afsa, Jared Aubel, Lora Barnhiser, Sara Reinstein Becker, Laura Spalding Best, Brian Boner, Henry Bosak, Bryson Bost, Anthony J. Braun, Lee Brown, Penny Cagney, Diana Calderon, Jennifer Caldwell & Jason Chakravarty, Lady Caress, Angel Castro, Craig Cheply, Charmagne Vasquez Coe, Joel Coplin, Barbara Kemp Cowlin, Victoria Currens, Bill Dambrova, Heidi Dauphin, Janet Talmadge Davids, Jorge De La Torre, Jeff Del Nero, Katherine Del Rosario, Charith Denson, Michael Denson, Miachelle DePiano, Carlos Encinas, Michael Farmer, Edgar Fernandez, Fausto Fernandez, Jimmy Fike, Keely Finucane, Jill Friedberg, Slade Graves, Isabel Han, Chelsea Hickok, Daniel Hoglund, Robert Jackson, Teressa Lynn Jackson, Christopher Jagmin, Armida Kielty, Min Kyu Kim, Suzanne Klotz, Aryana B. Londir, Josh Louchheim, Vivienne Lux, Amy Sansbury Manning, Kris Manzanares, Kathryn Maxwell, Rocco P. Menaguale, Abbey Messmer, Mary Meyer, Jamilla Naji, John Randall Nelson, Marnelle North, Elissa Nowacki, Sadera Nye, Daniel Prendergast, Gustavo Ramos, Paulina Ramos, Emily E. Ritter, Patricia Sannit, Lacey Shelton, Katharine Leigh Simpson, Snood City, George Strasburger, Marilyn Frances Szabo, William Touhey, John Tuomisto-Bell, Fred Ullrich, Zach Valent, Megan Vanbuskirk, Chris Vena, Shoreigh Williams, Larry Willis, Danielle Wood, Reid Woodward, John David Yanke, YBtheArtTrapper, and Bobby Zokaites.

This showcase is shown in partnership with the FOUND:RE Contemporary Art Program and curator Audrey Galat. The show runs February 20 through June 13, and will be open to the public daily, which allows for social distancing and the opportunity to see the exhibition at your leisure. Awards will be announced February 27, opening day of Art Detour 33.