FOUND:RE Contemporary and FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel are excited to announce the opening of their new exhibition, “FOCAL POINTS: Minimal VS Maximal,” with support provided by Artlink Inc. This exhibition cycle will present the work of 79 Arizona artists who are exploring a variety of imagery embodying the art movements of Minimalism or Maximalism. The exhibition opens to the public on December 3 and runs through March 26, 2022 with the opening reception on December 3, 6-10pm. 

The presented works range from the serene to the visually intense, and they are on view throughout the entire ground floor of the FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel. The exhibition will be presented as part of FOUND:RE Contemporary’s regular schedule of rotating exhibitions organized by curator Audrey Galat. The majority of works will be for sale and patrons can preview the prices online.

Congratulations to the exhibiting artists: Michael Afsa, Regina Alexandra, Steven Allison, Alisha Anglin, Dark Matter Astrophotos, Sonny Bastos, Bjorn H. Bengtsson, Donna Bernstein, Margeaux Bestard, Aaron Bonds, Bryson Bost, Constance Benedict, Cindy Brower, Carolina Caples, Christina Carmel, Raphaele COHEN-BACRY, Banks Compton, Comurshy, Carlos Chavez Cordova, James Cowlin, Ronald Cox, Ash Dahlke, Marek Danielewski, Lindsey Katherine Dippold, Paula Driscoll, Carlos Encinas, Linda Enger, Daniel Friedman, Rick Gayle, Mara Giles, GJ Gillespie, Nicholas Goergen, Valyntina Grenier, David Haff, Joseph Mark Hanson, Tracy A. Holmes, Stacy Holmstedt, Lenay Hughes, Allan Jamisen, Jon Jeffery, Kimber Jones, JoyC, Just Idle Hands, Hank Keneally, Keno, Miru Kim, Paul Lorenz, Laura Madden, Farnaz Mansouri, Andrea Maw, Joey Melinda Morgan, Stacy Neasham, Mary Neubauer, Nasim Nourian, Elissa Nowacki, Dan Pederson, Luis Peralta, Sharron Vincent Porter, Daniel Prendergast, Andrea Pro, Chet Provorse, Maria Rivas, Jess Rick Rodriguez, Aja Rae Rolland, Jot Sandhu, Cyn Silva, Katharine Leigh Simpson, Jason Sims, Susan Soltis, Loretta Tedeschi-Cuoco, Alec Torio, Emily Jean Ullrich, Bryant Eugene Vazquez, Jeff Weiss, Hristi Wilbur, Reid Woodard, John David Yanke, Rhonda Zayas, Randy Zucker

Tours of the exhibition,  “FOCAL POINTS: Minimal VS Maximal,” will be given by FOUND:RE Contemporary’s very own curator, Audrey Galat. Be sure to book a tour today through FOUND:RE Contemporary’s Eventbrite. Featured cocktails from FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel and MATCH Market & Bar’s Passport Series events will be available for purchase during the openings of both  “FOCAL POINTS: Minimal VS Maximal” and the group shows at FOUND:RE Contemporary Gallery.