New Downtown Phoenix Restaurant Seeks to Bring the Outdoor Experience IN, Complete with Bold, Colorful Mural

Submission Deadline: Sept 16, 2016

parklogoheadArtlink Inc. invites local artists specializing in murals to submit samples of previously commissioned work to be considered for a new restaurant project in Phoenix.

A commission will be awarded to an individual or team, to complete a 27’ wide x 7.2’ high wall within The Park, opening at 2nd Street and Jefferson in downtown Phoenix. The deadline to submit is Sept 16, 2016.

Selected artist(s) will begin work immediately for a targeted completion date of early October 2016.

A variety of contemporary street art styles are welcome for submission: abstract, cityscapes, figurative, nature: flora and fauna. The clients are looking for something that is bold and colorful.

Individuals and teams (no more than four (4) artists) are invited to apply to this call.

Click to enlarge.
Shaded area indicates the wall where the mural is to painted.

For more information on the restaurant concept, visit their Facebook page.

“The dining area will be designed to look like a park. Two massive trees will replace columns and leaves will be abundant, creating the illusion that foliage is growing into the ceiling, said co-founder Phil Richard. Picnic tables, yard games, a stage and outdoor-themed decor will create a ‘backyard cool atmosphere, with air conditioning,’ he added.”

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The online submission deadline is Sept 16, by midnight.

Artists must be residents of Arizona.


  1. Submit three images (three individual work samples).
    • JPGS, up to 250 dpi, no longer than 10 inches on longest side.
    • Include:
      • Title,
      • dimensions,
      • materials used,
      • locations of murals
      • year completed
  2. If a team: please indicate in notes and identify yourselves as a team. If a team, the mural must be a cohesive design/image.
  3. Current resume(s) and primary contact information
  4. Your rate (please indicate flat/hourly, materials, etc) Payment will vary depending on number of artists working on the wall so if submitting as a team, please calculate as a team. Again the price should include costs for art supplies, time, etc.
  5. A short letter of interest outlining:
    • Preliminary mural proposal/sketches based on the square footage and mural space
    • Past experience and your reasons for interest in this project
    • Your willingness to work on the project based on an agreed upon short timeline.
    • Any other awesome ideas you have for collaboration and the project.

Application deadline September 16, 2016.

Mural to be completed prior to Early October.


How to enter via

  1. Artlink Articipants may enter free of charge. Articipants click here to submit.
  2. Artists who aren’t registered as Articipants will pay a submission fee. Non-Articipants click here to submit.

Why sign up to be an Artlink Articipant? With your fee, all submissions are FREE. We have a minimum of two calls for artists in the coming weeks. Pay the one-time $30 fee today, and you won’t have to pay each submission fee separately (there is a $30 for each submission). Don’t wait! Click here and sign up today.

Email with any questions to Please reference “Direct Purchase” in your email subject line when submitting questions.


Why is there a fee to submit?
The fees helps to support the administration of all Artlink efforts in supporting local artists. This includes a variety of year-round opportunities to promote, exhibit and sell your work. And as we grow, we will continue to look for more opportunities.

How can the fee be waived?
There is NO FEE for artists who have signed up to be an Artlink Articipant. If you are not yet signed up as an Articipant, click here to sign up now. The current prorated Articipant fee is $30. As an Articipant, your submission fees will be waived for all calla through January 31, 2017, so there is a benefit to signing up now.

Does the application fee go to The Park or to Artlink?
All non-Articipant application fees go to Artlink. The Park does not receive any payment. Their interest is in supporting the local art scene by purchasing art through this call to artists.

Can I submit to multiple calls promoted by Artlink?
Yes. Once you’ve set up your artist profile on, you can easily submit for this and future calls.

Can I submit the same art to multiple calls?
You can, but we encourage you to submit a variety of works and to pay close attention to deadlines, purchase dates, etc. so that the submitted works remain eligible for selection.

What style of work is The Park looking for?
A variety of contemporary street art styles are welcome for submission: abstract, cityscapes, figurative, nature: flora and fauna. The clients are looking for something that is bold and colorful.

How do I decide what works to submit?
We suggest you submit three of your best works which reflect your interests as an artist. Think of this as a small portfolio submission to let the viewers know what your style is.

If an Articipant is a group, are all members of the group allowed to submit free of charge?
No. If members want to submit one piece as a group they could, but individual artists – who benefit from the exposure and the potential sale of/prize for an individual piece – need to pay a separate submission fee.

Will sales tax be included in the purchase?
The commission transaction will be handled directly between The Park and Artist. Sales tax should be addressed between the two parties. Artlink will not be included in the purchase/exchange process.

Will a commission be taken by any party?
No commission will be taken by Artlink. This is a direct purchase between The Park and Artist.