Arts Supporting Business Articipant Registration

This category is for any venue that is primarily a restaurant, bar or retailer that wants to support and/or participate in the arts scene.

Join us for our 33 annual Art Detour!
February – March 2021 we are only registering Art Detour 33 Articipation. Please see details at

Arts Supporting Business Articipant

This 12-month program includes:

  • An account on Phoenix Urban Guide (PUG), which allows Articipants to upload contact information, hours of operation and events. This information is then reflected on the following pages of
    • Artlink Articipant Directory
    • Event Calendar – a popular calendar that promotes the events you have scheduled any day of the week.  This page is closely monitored by Artlink admins, who will promote this activity on Artlink social media networks.
    • PUG map – the official online First Fridays, Third Fridays and Art Detour map
  • Location will be identified on the printed Artlink First and Third Fridays map (8K+ printed annually), which be promoted throughout the year by Artlink and community partners (if venue is identified as open to the public on these days)
  • Location will be identified on the printed on the Art Detour 31 map (5K printed)
  • Two (2) tickets to the Art d’Core Gala.
  • Invitation to Articipant-only events
  • Subscription to The ArtBoard Articipant newsletter (twice monthly)
  • Subscription to Artlink’s Linkletter newsletter (twice monthly)
  • Invitation to Artlink’s Mixed Media Happy Hour events
  • Promotion through Artlink social media
  • Inclusion of First/Third Fridays/Art Detour exhibitions in the Artlink trolley tour script
  • Eligible to partner with Artlink on your calls to artists for your space
  • Eligible to partner with Artlink as a host for a future pop-up exhibition
  • Other promotional opportunities throughout the year

Fee is $144.00.