Artlink Calendar

When you become an Artlink Articipant, you will be included on the Artlink Map, which means you will be on the map used to promote Art Detour, First/Third Fridays – and really, EVERY Friday!

Plus, as an Articipant you are eligible to apply to participate in Artlink’s Pop-Up program, ticketed tours, and other promotional opportunities that arise throughout the year.

The calendar below lists these opportunities and deadlines. This will be continually updated throughout the year.

2014-2015 Calendar

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Last update: July 29, 2014

8/1 First Friday
8/11 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
8/15 Third Friday
8/28 Call for Artists: Art Detour!
9/1 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
9/4 16th Annual Juried Exhibition
9/5 First Friday
September Installation of ReinventPHX/Valley Metro Wayfinding Art
9/24 Deadline: Art Detour Art Submission
9/15 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
9/19 Third Friday
9/20 Art Detour Planning Meeting (Location TBA)
9/29 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
10/3 First Friday
10/1 Art Detour Announcement/Call for Articipants
10/13 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
10/17 Third Friday
10/25 Art Detour Planning Meeting (Location TBA)
11/3 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
11/7 First Friday
11/17 Deadline: Early Articipant (Deadline for Detour Map)
11/17 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
11/21 Third Friday
11/22 Art Detour Planning Meeting (Location TBA)
12/1 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
12/5 First Friday
12/20 Art Detour Planning Meeting (Location TBA)
12/15 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
12/19 Third Friday
12/31 Deadline: Late Articipant (Deadline for Detour Map)
12/29 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
1/2 First Friday
1/12 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
1/16 Third Friday
1/24 Art Detour Planning Meeting (Location TBA)
2/2 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
2/6 First Friday
2/1 2015 Articipant Map Hits the Streets
2/14 Art Detour Planning Meeting (Location TBA)
2/16 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
2/20 Third Friday
2/21 or 2/28 Art D’Core Gala
3/2 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
3/6 First Friday
3/7 Art Detour!
3/16 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
3/20 Third Friday
3/30 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
4/3 First Friday
4/13 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
4/17 Third Friday
4/27 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
4/1 First Friday
5/11 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
5/15 Third Friday
6/1 Deadline: First Friday Newsletter
6/5 First Friday
6/15 Deadline: Third Friday Newsletter
6/19 Third Friday