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To help support artists in downtown Phoenix, Artlink manages a gallery in a space donated by the City of Phoenix.

Located at: 424 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (MAP)The Artlink A. E. England Gallery is located in an historic building at Civic Space Park. The gallery’s mission is to feature established and emerging artists who push the boundaries of art as expression, test the limits of media, and broaden the perspective and consciousness of audiences. Artlink A. E. England Gallery is open to all disciplines of art, to include experimental, digital, traditional, and integrations thereof.

Textural Dreamscapes:

Impressions From the Sonoran Desert and Beyond

December 6th- December 25th, 2013

Opening Reception: December 6th, 6-10 PM

Closing Reception: December 20th, 6-9 PM

Onna Jeanna Voellmer is an artist who immerses herself in the natural world. Colors and forms of the landscape around her desert Arizona home are reflected in the organic forms and tones of her paintings. Onna’s work is experimental and elemental, it moves us from deep within and reminds us of the beautiful surprises that nature holds if we step back.

Butterfly Wing II, 2013
Acrylic on Canvas
31″ x 25″


I have always been passionate about beauty and nature. I have always examined the details of natural things, the texture of a rock, the color shades in a sunset, the way the wind feels on my skin… It is the intimate connection between the wild landscape and our primal animal nature that I explore in my art. It is something deeply spiritual, alive, and who we are.

In my work I am interested in finding simplicity in the complex, order in the random, and that perfect line in a beautiful form. There is a tension between what my unconscious mind is seeing and painting and what my conscious mind is trying to control. It is this tension, which reflects the struggle of the human spirit to find beauty and purpose between dreams and body, conscious space and unconscious space, which inspires my work.

Listen to Onna in this YouTube video on what inspires her art.

Desert Dream I
32″ x 60″
Acrylic on canvas


This body of work focuses on our human connection to nature through the visual stimulus of organic patterns. This work does not illustrate realistic landscapes but instead engages the viewer’s visual senses through color, movement, and texture. I have spent a great deal of time examining the close up textures in nature, changing light and color patterns throughout the day, and the movement of things in a natural setting be it the wind through the grass or the movement of insects and animals.

In this work I have chosen not to start with any specific image in mind but instead I use a wet paint process to let the paint flow naturally as do patterns in nature. As the paint moves and dries the process becomes a collaboration between what naturally occurs between the physics of the paint and the surface of the canvas and what my conscious mind sees in the painted surface. In this I am able to work with the paint to bring out textures and patterns that reflect the beauty found in nature.

This process and the finished piece engages the viewer’s unconscious mind with the beauty and serenity found in the natural world without imposing any real setting or place, allowing the viewer to imagine any number of possible worlds and thus bringing our unconscious mind back to our primal roots and grounding us in a piece of the natural world that is lacking from our daily modern lives.


Call for Artists

The Artlink A. E. England Gallery is seeking emerging as well as established contemporary artists in a wide variety of visual media for solo and group exhibitions. Requirements for Submissions:

  • Submit a minimum of 10 different pieces and no more than 2 to 3 photos of each piece in .jpg format. Maximum dimension of 1000 pixels in either direction.
  • An image list describing the art work “title, year of creation, dimensions and medium” in either .pdf or word .doc file format.
  • Artist resume in either .pdf or word.doc file format.
  • Artist statement in either .pdf or word.doc file format.
  • Contact info “e-mail, phone number” in either .pdf or word.doc file format.

Please e-mail submissions and any inquiries to:


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